Commitment towards export without ignoring the domestic market

Since its establishment, Avanteselecta has committed to the foreign market. It currently exports 60% of its production to over 35 countries. Some of the main places in which Avanteselecta is continuing to grow and consolidating itself are the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, England and increasingly more the Asian market.

Distribution, one of its main pillars: own distribution companies in the USA and Madrid

EEUU, the working hard in hand with Aviva Vino in this growing market

With a strong international vocation while facing a market with a huge potential such as the USA since its inception, Avanteselecta established Aviva Vino in 2010, which is a distribution company that operates in the 50 states of the USA as well as in Canada. This way, it is able to take care of the entire process from the beginning at the winery to taking the bottles to their final destination in bars, restaurants and specialised stores.

Madrid, supportive customer service. Avanteselecta comercial.

As a continuation of its philosophy of attention to detail and customer-driven service, Avanteselecta Comercial is created in 2011, a distribution company that intends to provide coverage to such an open and changing market as the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Since its creation, it has aimed to become a tool for the high-end restaurants and specialised stores within the region to choose their select products, while also laying special emphasis on giving advice to the establishments that we work with.

Restorants and specialised wine shops (Horeca)

Our friendly and committed attitude, along with our flexibility to meet our distribuitor’s needs in Spain has allowed us to create a strong distribution network. We place an importance on lasting relationship to reach our common goals.