Avanteselecta wines among the best scored in Guía Peñin 2018





  • 1730 Amontillado, by Bodegas Álvaro Domecq, is the best-rated wine in the D. O. Jerez with 97 points. The wines made by Viñas del Cenit lead Tierra del Vino de Zamora. Venta la Ossa Tempranillo and TNT obtained the highest rating in PGI Castilla, and Naiades 2014 is the third best-rated Verdejo in the D. O. Rueda.


Avanteselecta, a company committed to quality that makes wine in the main Spanish Denominations of Origin, has been endorsed yet one more year by Guía Peñin 2018, whose scores have been made public just recently and will be officially presented on 23 and 24 October at the 17th edition of the Salón de los mejores vinos de España in Madrid (Ifema’s Pavilion 2).

In this edition, Salón Peñin 2018 will present the wines in three different categories: Podium Wines, with ratings between 95 and 100 points; Unique Wines, with 93 or 94 points; and Excellent Wines, between 90 and 92. Avanteselecta has three wines made by Bodegas Álvaro Domecq in the highest category, Podium Wines: 1730 Amontillado (97 points), 1730 Oloroso (96 points) and 1730 Palo Cortado (95 points). The winemaking company has 15 wines in the category of Unique wines, in which it has at least one wine in all the winemaking areas in which it has presence. In the Excellent Wines category, it has a total of 10.

Another important aspect underlined by the Guide is the excellent value for money of Avanteselecta wines, awarding 9 wines the maximum rating in this category. Some of these are also among the best rated, such as 1730 Amontillado by Álvaro Domecq, which in addition to having the best rating in the Denomination of Origin is the only one with 5 stars for value for money. Venta La Ossa Tempranillo is also the best rated in its winemaking region with 93 points and the only wine with this score that has also received 5 stars.

The best-rated Avanteselecta wines have been those made by Álvaro Domecq S. L. in the D. O. Jerez. 1730 Amontillado, with 97 points and five stars for value for money, received the highest score in the Denomination of Origin, consolidating itself among the elite of this winemaking region. In addition, 1730 Oloroso Vors and 1730 Palo Cortado are also among the best wines in the area, with 96 and 95 points, respectively. Fino La Janda’s 93 points also stand out.

Dominio de Atauta, in the D. O. Ribera del Duero, is yet again recognised by the guide with all its wines receiving above 93 points: Parada de Atauta 2014, Dominio de Atauta 2014 and Llanos del Almendro 2012. La Mala 2012 and Valdegatiles 2012 have obtained 94 points.


Bodegas Naia, in D. O. Rueda, has positioned Naiades as the third best-rated Verdejo in the Denomination of Origin with 94 points. Naia has received 91 points and five stars in terms of value for money.

Another of the best-considered bodegas by Guía Peñin 2018 has been Bodegas Mano a Mano, awarding the wines Venta La Ossa Tempranillo 2014 and Venta La Ossa TNT 2014 the best ratings in V.T. Castilla: 93 points. The publication also highlights the excellent value for money of the bodega’s wines by awarding four of the five wines the best rating in this category.

Viñas del Cenit’s wines continue to lead one more year the ratings in Tierra del Vino de Zamora, where the 2012 and 2013 vintages have obtained 93 points in Guía Peñin 2018, the highest score awarded to a wine in this winemaking region. The same note was merited by Vía Cenit 2014 and the special edition of Pago Las Salinas Magnum 2004, presented on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the bodega, which is reached in 2018.

In D.O.C.a. Rioja, Obalo Reserva 2011 merited 93 points, maintaining the score it has obtained in recent years. On the other hand, Obalo Crianza 2014, with 92 points and five stars in terms of value for money, is another of the wines made by Bodegas Obalo highlighted in Guía Peñin 2018, and it continues its upward progression by improving its classification by one point when compared to Guía Peñin 2017.

In Rias Baixas, Nora da Neve 2015, the barrel-fermented Albariño made at Viña Nora, has obtained 93 points, maintaining the score it has obtained in recent years, which Nora has also achieved with its 90 points.

Avanteselecta makes wines in the main Spanish Denominations of Origin and creates projects with a marked personality, very much linked to the area in which they can be found but with a shared philosophy: a line of work that is respectful with each of the local varieties and the search for exceptional terroirs.

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