Avanteselecta wines lead the rankings of Guia Peñin 2015 in the main spanish denominations of origin

Avanteselecta consolidates its great wines from the main Spanish Denominations of Origin amongst the best ranked in the Guía Peñín 2015.  Dominio de Atauta is one of the best-ranked bodegas and it remains in a leading position in Ribera del Duero. It is the bodega with the highest number of wines scoring above 95 points after positioning its three plots of land -La Mala, Valdegatiles and Llanos del Almendro- amongst the best wines with 96 points. In addition, Dominio de Atauta 2010, the wine that gives its name to the bodega, has been awarded 95 points; Parada de Atauta 2011, which is a more modern and accessible wine, has been awarded 94.

Viña Nora, in Rias Baixas, makes Nora Da Neve 2010, an Albariño wine fermented in the barrel that has been worthy of 95 points, thus ranking amongst the three best wines in the D. O. Nora; the Albariño that gives its name to the bodega obtained 92 points.

Naiades 2011, the best-ranked Rueda wine

In Rueda, Naiades 2011, a Verdejo wine fermented in the barrel and grown on pre-phylloxera vineyards with over 100 years of age, has been awarded 96 points, and it is yet another year, the best-ranked wine in the guide amongst all of those from the D. O. Rueda. Naia 2013, the wine that gives its name to the bodega, has been awarded 92 points, and it is also ranked amongst the best wines with its 2013 vintage, which was a particularly difficult one in the D. O.

Bodegas Obalo, located in the D. O. Rioja, also ranks its wines Obalo Crianza 2011 and Obalo Reserva 2009 with high scores (93 points); the latter is a new wine that is about to reach the market.

The best-ranked wine in the D. O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora has been Cenit 2010 with 95 points, followed by Vía Cenit 2012 with 93 points. Both these wines are made in Viñas del Cenit, which is a small bodega devoted to obtaining the best qualities from a winemaking region with the most unique vineyards in Spain.

Leading the score list of wines from the PGI Castilla are the wines made by Bodegas Mano a Mano, with 94 points awarded to the wine Venta La Ossa TNT 2012, which is made with Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional, and with 93 points awarded to Venta La Ossa Tempranillo 2011 and Syrah 2011. In the D. O. Jerez, two wines made by Bodegas Alvaro Domecq have been awarded 94 points, 1730 Oloroso and 1730 Palo Cortado; the latter has just reaches the market and never ceases to surprise.

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