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Josh Reynolds highlights Avanteselecta wines in his latest article on Spanish wines

Josh Reynolds, a renowned international taster that is currently in charge of rating wines for Vinous -one of the most important specialised mediums worldwide and specifically in the North American market- has highlighted Avanteselecta wines by rating practically all its wines above 90 points. Josh Reynolds is currently in charge of tasting wines from some of the most outstanding wine regions in the world, such as in Spain, Rhône, Australia and Chile, among others.

One of the conclusions reached by the critic in his article about Spanish wines is that “the overall quality of Spanish wines continues to rise, as does their availability in export markets.” The result, according to Reynolds “is a rapidly increasing number of wines that are worthy of consumers’ attention.” The taster also mentions the difficulty involved in analysing a wine market such as the Spanish one, due to its extension, disparate regions and variety of vintages in the market. Therefore, Reynolds has decided to divide his analysis on Spanish wines in different articles, which will be released throughout the year.

With respect to the rating of Avanteselecta’s wines, specifically Rioja wines, Josh Reynolds has awarded the best rating to Obalo Reserva 2010, with 93 points, followed by Obalo Crianza 2013, with 92 points. Obalo joven 2015 and La Tarara 2013 have obtained 90 points.

As far as Rueda wines are concerned, the best-rated wine has been Naiades 2013 with 92 points, of which he highlights its bottle-ageing capacity. Naia 2015 obtained 91 points and S-Naia 2015 90 points.

Regarding Rias Baixas, Reynolds highlights the floral and mineral nature, as well as the long aftertaste, of Nora da Neve, which reminds him of the high range of Chabalis wines (Burgundy). He awarded this wine 93 points and Nora 91.

Still in Galicia, in the D. O. Monterrei, Pazo de Monterrey Godello has earned 91 points, while Pazo de Monterrey Mencía has been awarded 90 points.

Bodegas Mano a Mano has also obtained significant scores by the American taster, who has considered Venta La Ossa Syrah 2013, with 91 points, the best wine made by the bodega, and he asserts, “It is an impressive interpretation of the Syrah variety in Spain and a wine that is line with many examples in the north of Rhône”. On the other hand, Mano a Mano 2014 and Venta La Ossa Tempranillo were awarded by Reynolds 90 points.

Lastly, despite not having published notes on all the Ribera del Duero wines, he has rated some of them, such as those made by Bodegas Atalayas de Golbán, awarding Viridiana 2015 90 points and Torre de Golbán Crianza 2013 91 points.

La Mala, among the top 100 cellar selection in Wine Enthusiast

La Mala, one of the three single-vineyard wines made in Bodegas Dominio de Atauta (D. O. Ribera del Duero), has been included in the list of the world’s 100 best wines in thela-mala_botella US magazine Wine Enthusiast. The selection includes wines from the world’s major wine regions that have been chosen from among the nearly 1,000 wines that have been tasted throughout the year. The final objective is “to help the consumer to create an interesting personal winery with wines that can mature and evolve over the next 10, 15 and even 20 years.”

Regarding La Mala 2011, Michael Schachner, a New York-based journalist who writes about the wines of Spain, Argentina and Chile in the magazine, mantains that “of all the Atauta single-vineyard wines from the sensational 2011 vintage, La Mala is arguably the most overtly oaky and modern in style”.

The three single-plot wines that are produced at Bodegas Dominio de Atauta -La Mala, Valdegatiles and Llanos del Almendro- have been born with the aim of faithfully showing the potential of the Tinto Fino and the different expressions that this variety can achieve when cultivated on different soil profiles within the same area.  In this case, the area in which these wines are made is the Atauta Valley, a gem for viticulture with a five century tradition in winemaking. Despite its small size (4km long and 1km Wide), Atauta Valley offers a variety of soils and conditions that allows you to explore all the possibilities of the variety. The common characteristic in the whole valley is the presence of calcareous rock that contributes an extraordinary minerality to the wines.

The Dominio de Atauta single-plot wines have been often considered among the best wines in Ribera del Duero by the Spanish and international wine magazines. Recently Wine&Spirits magazine also considered La Mala among the 3 best wines of Ribera del Duero, while Wine Advocate also highlighted the quality of La Mala, a wine made from a vineyard with very low yields and that brings a huge concentration.

Bodegas Dominio de Atauta is located at the begining of the Duero river, in the province of Soria, one of the most unknown areas of the Ribera del Duero. The winery has been part of Avanteselecta since 2009, a wine company that produces wines in the main Spanish Appellations of Origin.

Naiades 2012, best white wine at the Wines From Spain Awards

  • These awards, led by the prestigious wine critic Tim Atkin MW and held in London, are a reference in the British wine market
  •  The results will be presented in this month of September at a tasting in London, an event that will be attended by the specialised press and representatives of the wine sector


Naiades 2012 has obtained the “Best Premium White” award at the Wine From Spain Awards, which have taken place in London and have recognised the best white wines in the world in different categories. These awards are organised by the Spanish Economic Office in London, and the panel consists of tasting experts led by the prestigious British consumer motivator Tim Atkin MW.

Made inaiadesn Bodegas Naia (D.O. Rueda), Naiades 2012 has obtained the highest award among the 650 wines that were presented at this competition. “The awards are aimed at wines that already have commercial presence in the British market, and it is a bastion of prestige within the professional sector of this country”, explained the organisation. “Wines from Spain UK will print a guide with information about each winning wine, which will be framed within Spain and its wine regions.”

The maximum expression of the Verdejo variety

Naiades is a wine that has been conceived to transmit the maximum expression of the Verdejo variety. The grapes with which it is made from are grown on very old vines, which in some cases exceed 100 years of age, and they are located in small plots of land, known as majuelos.

The entire winemaking process focuses on fully respecting and enhancing the properties of the local variety in the D.O. Rueda. The harvest is carried out manually, and when the grapes reach the bodega, they are taken to a cooling chamber for the first maceration. Next, an exhaustive selection is carried out on the table. The grape then undergoes another cold maceration, and it is subsequently pressed before entering French oak barrels, where it is maintained in its own lees for 7 months. The result is a concentrated and varietal wine that is both avant-garde and original.

Its reduced production of no more than 20,000 bottles makes it a very special Verdejo that has yet again been recognised in the British market, which is the most important in the Premium wines sector. In 2015 wines were sold in this category for a value of 341.2 million euros.

La Mala, among the best-valued wines from Ribera del Duero

The magazine Wine & Spirits, through its critic Doug Frost (Master of Wine and Master Sommelier), has placed La Mala among the three best wines of Ribera del Dumontaje_la_mala_wine&spiritsero, only being surpassed by Aalto Ribera del Duero and Vega Sicilia Ribera del Duero Valbuena 5.

This classification appears in a special issue in which different experts provide their impressions on the different wine areas of the world.

Doug Frost speaks about Ribera del Duero and chooses a series of wines that, in his opinion, reflect the current style of Ribera del Duero wines.

La Mala is an Estate wine made in Bodegas Dominio de Atauta (D. O. Ribera del Duero), which is located in the heart of the Atauta Valley, next to the village of Atauta in Soria.

Bodegas Dominio de Atauta is inspired in the tradition of a valley with over five centuries of winemaking in extreme conditions, resulting from its altitude and a climate with little rainfall and large temperature fluctuations.

The aim of Estate wines, such as La Mala, is to precisely reflect the different expressions of the Tinto Fino variety when the soil variables are modified in a same mala_botella_p

Obalo Reserva among the 3 wines “highly recommended” by Wine Spectator

The prestigious US magazine, Wine Spectator has just placed Obalo Reserva among the three wines it considers “highly recommendable” in its November issue. With a score of 93 points, the publication highlights the harmonious character, “formidable structure” and “impressive concentration” of this wine produced by Bodegas Obalo (D.O.C.a Rioja).

Wine Spectator shows in this issu the most interesting wines and best scored by the recent tastings of the collaborators of this prestigious American magazine.

Obalo Reserva is a wine that shows the full potential of the grapes from the oldest vineyards located in the heart of La Rioja, in villages such as San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Labastida, Samaniego or Ábalos that constitute the heart of a winemaking area considered as one of the best in the world. It is born with the aim of showing the extraordinay aging potencial of the wines in this area.

Avanteselecta among the best scored wines in the 2016 Peñin Guide

The commitment to quality of Avanteselecta, a wine company that makes wines in the main Spanish Denominations of Origin, has been endorsed yet another year by the 2016 Peñin Guide, which has just made its scores public. Avanteselecta has at least one wine with more than 93 points in each of its winemaking areas, reaching 96 points with Llanos del Almendro (Bodegas Dominio de Atauta. in the D. O. Ribera del Duero) or 95 with Valdegatiles, also a Ribera del Duero.

Dominio de Atauta is located in Ribera del Duero, in the area of Soria, specifically in the precious Valley of Atauta, and again it has obtained the highest score, with almost all its wines above 93 points. Parada de Atauta 2011 obtained 93; Dominio de Atauta 2010, 94; and the three wines that perfectly represent the valley’s peculiarities and different terroirs have again obtained the highest ratings in the D. O. with 96 points for Llanos del Almendro 2010, 95 for Valdegatiles 2010 and 94 for La Mala 2010. Also in Ribera del Duero, bodega Atalayas de Golbán obtained 90 points for Torre de Golbán 2011.

In Rias Baixas, Nora 2014, with 90 points, defends its peculiar personality, provided by its origin in Condado do Tea. Nora da Neve 2010, the barrel-fermented Albariño, is up there among the best with 93 points. In this same line, the white Rueda wines made by Bodegas Naia also stand out, with 94 points for Naiades 2011, for example, which is a Verdejo made from centenary vineyards and fermented in the barrel. Naia 2014, a Verdejo, with the complexity provided by a 4-month ageing in lees, obtained 91 points. K-Naia, a 100% Verdejo with a touch of Sauvignon Blanc, and S-Naia (100% Sauvignon Blanc) received 90 points.

With regard to Rioja wines, Obalo Crianza 2011 and Obalo Reserva 2009 maintain their quality recognition with 93 points. Obalo Joven obtained 90 points. The work of Avanteselecta in Castilla La Mancha at Bodegas Mano a Mano continues to bear fruit with Venta La Ossa Tempranillo 2011 obtaining 93 points and Venta La Ossa Syrah 2011 with 91.

In the D. O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora, Cenit 2011 has again earned its award as best scored wine in the D. O. with 93 points. The rest of the wines made at this bodega have also received their own recognition: Vía Cenit 2013, Venta Mazarrón 2013 and Villano 2013 merited 91 points.

With regard to Alvaro Domecq wines, in Jerez, their great quality has been reaffirmed, three of them obtaining 94 points (1730 Oloroso VORS, 1730 Amontillado and 1730 Palo Cortado).  Fino La Janda and Alburejo Oloroso, with 92 and 91 points, respectively, also defend their leadership in their respective categories.

Avanteselecta is awarded two golg medals and one silver medal at The International Wine Awards Mundus Vini

Obalo Crianza (D.O.C.a. Rioja) and Torre de Golbán Crianza 2012 (DO. Ribera del Duero) have each been awarded a gold medal while Mano a Mano (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla) has received a silver medal

The awards, which took place in the German municipality of Neustdat, were decided by a jury of 150 members from 36 countries, and they are one of the most renowned awards in the industry, especially in central European countries

Avanteselecta wines have again been recognised at the International Wine Awards Mundus Vini that recently took place in the German municipality of Neustdat. These awards are one of the most important in the European wine sector. Torre de Golbán 2012, a Crianza that reflects the essence of Ribera del Duero, and Obalo Crianza 2011, which combines its origins in the Rioja tradition and a fresh and innovative concept, have been awarded a gold medal. Mano a Mano, made in Castilla La Mancha, and one of the highest quality wines in the area, has merited a silver medal.

The awards were decided by a jury of 150 members, from 36 countries, that tasted wines from the main winemaking areas in the world. After a strict sensory analysis, this group of experts awarded quality medals to 40% of the participating wines. These awards took place for the first time in 2001, and since then, they have been highly recognised in the wine sector, especially in central European countries.

This recognition of Avanteselecta wines adds to the great scores obtained by national and international consumer motivators. Obalo Crianza recently obtained 90 points from the internationally renowned magazine Wine Spectator, 91 from Wine Cellar and, nationally, 93 points from the 2015 Peñin Guide. In addition, it earned the Diamond award at the Vino y Mujer awards last April. Torre de Golbán Crianza 2012 has just obtained 91 points from Winespectator, and its 2011 vintage obtained 91 points from Wine Cellar and 90 points in the 2015 Peñin Guide.

Queso Manchego 1605 amongst the 50 best cheeses in the USA

Made with raw Manchego sheep milk and following traditional methods, 1605 is the only Spanish cheese on the list published by this renowned magazine, which is the main reference in North American media and society.

The New York Magazine has just published in its March edition a list of the 50 best cheeses that can be found in the North American market. Among them is Queso Manchego Artesano 1605the only Spanish cheese that has been worthy of being selected by Robin Raisfiels and Rob Patronite, who are the food critics for this renowned magazine, which sets the standard in the USA. This mention is an important recognition for a product that is among those best valued by the country’s cheesemongers and that has recently been successful in England too by winning a Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards.

Located in the province of Ciudad Real, Quesería 1605 has been working for the last three years with one of the most demanding and exclusive distributors in the USA. This company only chooses four cheeses in the entire world (by means of sensory analysis and regular visits to the cheese factories in order to select specific lots) and introduces them in the most select establishments in North America. In addition to the North American market, Queso Manchego 1605 is present in the world’s main markets, among them the French market.

Made with  Manchego raw sheep milk from our own livestock and from extract of suckling lamb curd, Queso Manchego Artesano 1605 is a select cheese in the Fermier category (the most valued by experts and gourmet audience) that stands out for its elegance on the palate, fruity character, and intense and persistent flavour. Its ageing, with a minimum ripening period of seven months, gives it a clean, elegant and fruity aroma (characteristic of evolved sheep milk) with notes of leather, and dried fruit and nuts nuances. On the palate, it has a slightly crunchy texture, and a pleasant butteriness and fatty sensation, like olive oil. With a smooth flavour at the beginning, where an elegant and well-rounded acidity appears with aromas of clean wool and caramel nuances, it has a delicious aftertaste of dried fruits and nuts and a subtle and delicate spicy sensation that increases with time.

Avanteselecta wines lead the rankings of Guia Peñin 2015 in the main spanish denominations of origin

Avanteselecta consolidates its great wines from the main Spanish Denominations of Origin amongst the best ranked in the Guía Peñín 2015.  Dominio de Atauta is one of the best-ranked bodegas and it remains in a leading position in Ribera del Duero. It is the bodega with the highest number of wines scoring above 95 points after positioning its three plots of land -La Mala, Valdegatiles and Llanos del Almendro- amongst the best wines with 96 points. In addition, Dominio de Atauta 2010, the wine that gives its name to the bodega, has been awarded 95 points; Parada de Atauta 2011, which is a more modern and accessible wine, has been awarded 94.

Viña Nora, in Rias Baixas, makes Nora Da Neve 2010, an Albariño wine fermented in the barrel that has been worthy of 95 points, thus ranking amongst the three best wines in the D. O. Nora; the Albariño that gives its name to the bodega obtained 92 points.

Naiades 2011, the best-ranked Rueda wine

In Rueda, Naiades 2011, a Verdejo wine fermented in the barrel and grown on pre-phylloxera vineyards with over 100 years of age, has been awarded 96 points, and it is yet another year, the best-ranked wine in the guide amongst all of those from the D. O. Rueda. Naia 2013, the wine that gives its name to the bodega, has been awarded 92 points, and it is also ranked amongst the best wines with its 2013 vintage, which was a particularly difficult one in the D. O.

Bodegas Obalo, located in the D. O. Rioja, also ranks its wines Obalo Crianza 2011 and Obalo Reserva 2009 with high scores (93 points); the latter is a new wine that is about to reach the market.

The best-ranked wine in the D. O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora has been Cenit 2010 with 95 points, followed by Vía Cenit 2012 with 93 points. Both these wines are made in Viñas del Cenit, which is a small bodega devoted to obtaining the best qualities from a winemaking region with the most unique vineyards in Spain.

Leading the score list of wines from the PGI Castilla are the wines made by Bodegas Mano a Mano, with 94 points awarded to the wine Venta La Ossa TNT 2012, which is made with Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional, and with 93 points awarded to Venta La Ossa Tempranillo 2011 and Syrah 2011. In the D. O. Jerez, two wines made by Bodegas Alvaro Domecq have been awarded 94 points, 1730 Oloroso and 1730 Palo Cortado; the latter has just reaches the market and never ceases to surprise.

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Gold Medal awarded to the cheese Sierra La Solana at Salón Gourmet

Sierra La Solana has obtained the Gold Medal in the 6th edition of the Competition of best Spanish cheeses

Sierra La Solana has obtained the gold medal in the category of 100% sheep’s milk semi-cured cheese in the 6th edition of the Competition of best Spanish cheeses organised at Salón Gourmet. This cheese, made in Quesería 1605, won against another 60 participants in its same category, and it has been recognised unanimously with the highest award granted by a jury consisting of 14 tasters in the category of semi-cured cheeses. It is the only cheese from La Mancha made from 100% sheep’s milk that has been awarded a prize in this competition.

Sierra La Solana is made in Quesería 1605, which is located in the village of Herencia (Ciudad Real), and it is one of the most special and innovative cheeses that is currently being made in Castilla La Mancha. This cheese has a natural mould rind, even though it is only cured for two months, and it is not pressed during the cheese making process, achieving a very smooth and consistent product. Eating the mould rind is recommended, as it is completely natural and it intensifies the taste and aftertaste of the cheese, especially in the first 3 months.

This award is added to the collection of prizes that Quesería 1605 has won both nationally and internationally. The prestigious North American publication “The New York Magazine” selected Queso Manchego 1605 amongst the 50 best cheeses that can be found in the North American market, and it is also the only Spanish cheese on the list. It has also obtained recognition by the World Cheese Awards, which are very prestigious in the industry.

Quesería 1605 is a small traditional cheese factory that Avanteselecta has taken under its wing with the aim of promoting and maintaining the tradition of Manchego cheese. It is located in Finca Sierra La Solana, in the heart of La Mancha, where there is a privileged natural location with a harsh and extreme weather that favours the growth of very rustic vegetation that serves as perfect food to the Manchego breed sheep. Avanteselecta has established a total of 9 bodegas in the main Spanish Denominations of Origin with the aim of promoting food products with a complete respect for quality local raw material.