La Mala is one of the best tempranillo´s wines in Spain

La Mala 2011 has been considered one of the 40 best tempranillos in Spain according to the article published in the magazine Decanter by Pedro Ballesteros MW and Sarah Jane Evans. The article reviews the history of the tempranillo grape in Spain and the ease with which this type of grape can be mixed with other varieties, highlighting the most important quality of the tempranillo grape, its ability to transport expressions from the terroir to the wines. In addition, its ability to reach its splendour after many years of ageing, a quality reflected in the 40 best tempranillos in Spain, is also noteworthy.

The article highlights the aromatic character of this wine and its pleasant finish that remains in the mouth for a long time. La Mala is thus once again among the great wines, not only from Ribera del Duero, but, in this case, among the great Spanish wines. Mala represents the maximum expression of minerality in the Atauta Valley. A perfect balance between the delicacy of the tannin comes from the sand and the power given by the 10 cm. of clay before the roots are stuck in the limestone rock. This is the most unique wine from Dominio de Atauta.