Gold Medal awarded to the cheese Sierra La Solana at Salón Gourmet

Sierra La Solana has obtained the Gold Medal in the 6th edition of the Competition of best Spanish cheeses

Sierra La Solana has obtained the gold medal in the category of 100% sheep’s milk semi-cured cheese in the 6th edition of the Competition of best Spanish cheeses organised at Salón Gourmet. This cheese, made in Quesería 1605, won against another 60 participants in its same category, and it has been recognised unanimously with the highest award granted by a jury consisting of 14 tasters in the category of semi-cured cheeses. It is the only cheese from La Mancha made from 100% sheep’s milk that has been awarded a prize in this competition.

Sierra La Solana is made in Quesería 1605, which is located in the village of Herencia (Ciudad Real), and it is one of the most special and innovative cheeses that is currently being made in Castilla La Mancha. This cheese has a natural mould rind, even though it is only cured for two months, and it is not pressed during the cheese making process, achieving a very smooth and consistent product. Eating the mould rind is recommended, as it is completely natural and it intensifies the taste and aftertaste of the cheese, especially in the first 3 months.

This award is added to the collection of prizes that Quesería 1605 has won both nationally and internationally. The prestigious North American publication “The New York Magazine” selected Queso Manchego 1605 amongst the 50 best cheeses that can be found in the North American market, and it is also the only Spanish cheese on the list. It has also obtained recognition by the World Cheese Awards, which are very prestigious in the industry.

Quesería 1605 is a small traditional cheese factory that Avanteselecta has taken under its wing with the aim of promoting and maintaining the tradition of Manchego cheese. It is located in Finca Sierra La Solana, in the heart of La Mancha, where there is a privileged natural location with a harsh and extreme weather that favours the growth of very rustic vegetation that serves as perfect food to the Manchego breed sheep. Avanteselecta has established a total of 9 bodegas in the main Spanish Denominations of Origin with the aim of promoting food products with a complete respect for quality local raw material.

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