La Mala

Denominación de Origen: Ribera Duero
Tipo: Red Wine
Variedad: Tinto Fino
Producción Total: 950 bottles
Envejecimiento: 18 month in french oak barriques

La Mala is an Estate wine made in Bodegas Dominio de Atauta. It reveals the personality of an estate located in the Atauta Valley that has a depth of only 0.7 m up to the layer of calcareous rock. Because of this shallow depth, each vine’s yield is extremely low. This, together with the soil’s special characteristics, provides one of the most interesting wines made by the bodega. The plot of land takes its name precisely from the low yield of its vines, which formerly was considered unprofitable and, therefore, called ‘La Mala’ (the bad one).

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