Avanteselecta, wines with a unique expression

Avanteselecta was born with the aim of offering quality wines from the main winegrowing and winemaking regions in Spain. Since its inception, Avanteselecta has consolidated nine wineries, and in spite of each of them having a perfectly defined personality, they are all united by a common philosophy based on three main pillars:

  •  A selection of unique winegrowing and winemaking areas and sub-areas that define a series of exceptional terroirs, as a result of the characteristics of the climate, soils, etc.
  • Each of the local varieties is worked in an extremely respectful manner
  • The commitment towards a high level of quality in all the winemaking processes and the subsequent distribution activities so the product can reach the consumer in optimal conditions

Today, Avanteselecta is widely considered one of Spain´s leading quality wine groups by national and international wine critics alike.

Why these winemaking areas?

Avanteselecta set its objective of working with the most renowned local varieties within the winemaking regions in Spain where they could reveal their fullest expression and thus be able to create wines with a strong personality that would provide originality and freshness to the Spanish wine market. For this purpose, it selected specific winemaking sub-areas within each Designation of Origin in which, thanks to special climate and soil conditions, it could make wines that create an added value.

The concept of Boutique Bodegas

The overall production of Avanteselecta is 2,544,000 bottles. The individual production of practically all the bodegas is below 300,000 bottles, although in some of the bodegas this figure is much lower, such as in Dominio de Atauta and Viñas del Cenit, which produce under 100,000 bottles and around 200,000 respectively. The bodegas with the highest production are Naia, with 840,000 bottles, far below the average in the D.O. Rueda, and Mano a Mano, with 500,000 bottles, which can also be considered a small project if we take into account the average production in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. The commitment to quality with small productions is one of the signs of identity of each bodega.

The human factor, a key element

The people that work at Avanteselecta give the wine group a strong presence in the domestic and foreign markets as well as a maximum guarantee of quality and professionalism, from harvesting to winemaking, production, distribution and the point of sale.

A female oenologist has been at the head of each bodega since the inception of Avanteselecta: a total of five women with an excellent professional education and an extensive experience who obtain the best qualities from each vineyard by means of ongoing research activities that are deeply rooted in the land and the tradition of each sub-area they work.